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Preventative Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance helps keep your auto running longer, cleaner, stronger, and with less expense. Here are a few helpful automotive FAQs and tips brought to you by the technicians at Precision Motive:

• General Information • Emissions
• Air Conditioning • Fluids
• Batteries • Fuel Filter / Air Filter
• Belts and Hoses • Maintenance
• Brakes • Miscellaneous
• Chassis • Oil


General Information
 What are some tips I can teach my children about basic car maintenance?
 Is it better to repair my car, or lease a new one?
Air Conditioning
 What is happening to auto air conditioning these days?
 What is a Battery Service, and why do you recommend them?
 How long can I expect my battery to last?
 What is a VAT test, and why do you recommend it when my battery is dead?
Belts and Hoses
 How long do the belts in my car typically last?
 How often should the hoses be replaced?
 How often should I replace the timing belt in my car?
 Do you advise replacing the water pump when you replace the timing belt?
 Why do my brakes squeal?
 Why should I have a brake flush done?
 What are ABS brakes?
 What can you tell me about steering racks and pumps?
 What do shocks and struts do for my car?
 Why should I get an alignment for my car?
 What do CV boots do?
 Tell me about the CV joints...
 Can you help me with emissions problems?
 What is the OBD II pollution standard?
 What does the O2 sensor do?
 What does the PCV valve do?
 Why do you recommend a fuel injector service?
 What can you tell me about doing a coolant flush?
 How do I best care for my automatic transmission?
 How important is it to change the manual transmission fluid?
 Should I change the fluid in my car's differential?
 Should I change the fluid in the transfer case?
 Should I change the power steering fluid?
Fuel Filter / Air Filter
 What can you tell me about the fuel filter in my car?
 How important is it to have a clean air filter?
 What about manufacturer recommended services?
 How have tune ups changed with newer vehicles?
 What do you do in a used car check?
 My car has an intermittent problem. What can I do about it?
 What weight of oil should I use?
 I hear a lot about 3,000 mile oil changes. Is it really that important?
 What can I expect after I get an oil leak fixed?
 Are there any conditions where you would recommend not fixing oil leaks?


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